1. Crop Inspection and Production Quality

Guaranteeing quality from the start – namely, field production

Specialised laboratory: certification, and export, testing

2. Economic Organisation of the Industry

Carrying out market studies and drawing up economic indicators

Setting up contractual terms between seed companies and multiplication growers

Securing revenues and using insurance tools

3. Expertise and Technical Activities in France

Seed maize: optimising production processes in fields and plants

Feed maize and high-moisture grain maize: strengthening the markets

4. Multi-target Communication

Maize and livestock growers: the “My Cow, my Feed Maize, and I” campaign

Decision-makers and opinion leaders: the “Maize, a Sustainable Crop” campaign

General public: the “Cet épi m’épate” campaign

5. Promoting the Elite Seeds Internationally

Promotion methods: publications, conferences, and fairs

Communication: specialised ag press and TV ads

Popularization: training courses and events”