The FNPSMS (the French National Federation of Maize and Sorghum Seed Production) is an interprofessional organisation that includes all operators involved in the production of maize and sorghum seed in France – namely seed companies and multiplication growers. They all share the same objective: to manage French production in technical and economic terms, to contribute to the development of the industry in France and abroad, and to act together as a representative body before the French and EU authorities.

Seed maize producers are organised in twenty-five department/regional unions and are federated under the AGPM MAÏS SEMENCE – the French General Association of Seed Maize Producers. The industry’s twenty-six (breeding and subcontractor) seed companies are federated under the maize & sorghum section of the UFS (Union Française des Semenciers – the French Seed Producers’ Union).

Assets of the French Production Industry:

  • Quality and traceability, thanks to the strictest certification system in the world
  • Hybrid diversity, thanks to a dynamic innovation environment and highly-favourable soil and weather
  • Steady and consistent yields, through irrigation, diversity of the production regions, and operator know-how both on farms and in the processing plants.

Publications on Request

  • “Technical Guide on Grain and Feed Maize”: in French, Romanian, Serbian, Russian, and English, available upon request by email at and for consultation in our “Publications” section
  • “Diagnose of Maize Accidents”: in Romanian, Russian, and Polish, available upon request by email at and for consultation in our “Publications” section
  • Maiz’info quarterly newsletter: in French, English, and Russian, available upon request by email at and for consultation in our “Publications” section