CEPM actively involved in civil dialogue groups

CEPM is represented within 5 Civil Dialogue Groups (CDGs) at European level

CEPM’s Jean-Michel Schaeffer will hold until the end of the year one of the two the vice-chairmanships of the “Direct Payments and Greening” Civil Dialogue Group, which is crucial for European maize growers.

During the 12th April 2016 meeting of the Direct Payments and Greening CDG, CEPM delivered a presentation on the certification approach developed in France for maize in specialised production areas. The basic idea of this approach is that agricultural holdings with more than 75% of maize on their crop rotation can, on a voluntary basis, enter the scheme certifying the equivalence of winter soil cover to the crop diversification requirements of the CAP. In France, 1,400 agricultural holdings committed themselves to this approach in 2015 and 1,310 in 2016. In 2015, 93% of applicants obtained their certification and therefore their greening payments.